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Kinotify, a RubyMotion App

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Today, I’d like to announce the official release of my first RubyMotion app – Kinotify! Kinotify is a simple app with a lofty goal: to notify you of the release of upcoming movies, either in theaters or on DVD. You can search for movies – in case you have something you really want to be notified of in the future, say a rerelease of Dirty Dancing or the future release of Avatar II – or just see all upcoming releases. Notifications you set will arrive at 2PM local time on your phone, and you can set the app to remind you of a release a month, week, three days, and/or one day in advance.

The UI, icon, and website were all designed by my good friend and super-talented dude Luke Beard, so they all look totally awesome. And on the flipside, the Rails server and RubyMotion app were all done by yours truly… so any faults (and I’m sure there are some I haven’t found) are mine and mine alone.

It was a long road to actually releasing this app. I started designing Kinotify with a good friend of mine (who had the original idea and inspiration for the application) way back in March, so it’s been months of labor, testing, asset acquisition, releasing and refining and coding. But I think the results speak for themselves: Kinotify is a pretty awesome application, and even better I think it’s a great example of what RubyMotion is capable of. It uses remote notifications, core data, Twitter/Facebook sharing, networking and reachability… and thanks to RubyMotion it was all pretty painless to get it working together.

This week I’ll make another blog post describing what took so long, where my time and energy were spent, and the general process of releasing a RubyMotion app on the iTunes store. But I just got the approval email from Apple so I wanted to unleash Kinotify on the world officially. So what are you waiting for? It’s only 99 cents! Go get Kinotify already!

And if you have any problems or want new features, the best way to contact me is on Twitter. Thanks!

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