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Huey Gem Release

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I pushed the first version of Huey to RubyGems (calling it 0.1.0).

It’s in a really good state right now, actually – in addition to a rather full and complete set of tests, I added a couple neat new features:

  • Now you can make as many changes as you like to a bulb, and then commit them all at once with save (alias as commit for your convenience).

  • Ability to set colors as a RGB hex. So you can do bulb.rgb = '#8FF1F5' to get your bulb to be colored aqua. Colors in Hue are a little more pastel than you might expect, though, so exact shade matching might take a bit of experimentation.

  • Copyright and license information.

I’ll be adding more features as I use it more, so watch the repository for changes.

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