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Breaking Up With GirlsGuideTo

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It’s never easy to decide to move on, particularly when you’re a cofounder. It definitely feels less like a business shakeup and more like a real breakup.

But I must announce that my time at GirlsGuideTo has officially ended.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done for GirlsGuideTo. I took a decrepit, slow PHP Drupal installation and turned it into a speedy, modernized Rails application. The new GirlsGuideTo uses some incredibly modern technologies to be fast, while still being maintainable and consistent. The pages load near-instantly thanks to head.js and Turbolinks, and the Rails code is well-separated and highly tested thanks to some awesome concerns and really nifty Rack middleware.

It also features a really kickass design from my friend @LukesBeard, so it also looks great in addition to feeling great.

Though I’m moving to greener pastures, I’m sure GirlsGuideTo has a bright future ahead of them. As for me, I’m doing some work for Everest – they’re really awesome people that need their backend scaled right into infinity, and I think I’m the guy to do it for them. In fact, if you download the super cool free app or have downloaded it at launch, you’ve already touched some of my code! The best part about onboarding quickly is having code live in production almost immediately.

So keep on watching this spot for more of the same that you’ve come to expect – adrenaline-filled posts on the exciting world of server scalability and optimization.

Josh Symonds performs devops and server wrangling on cloud-scale infrastructures, deploys amazing web applications with Ruby on Rails, and creates awesome iOS apps with Objective-C and RubyMotion. He is founder and CTO of Symonds & Son, a development shop focused on quality and excellence.

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